The Nanny Goat Hill Steering Committee can be reached by emailing

Our garden co-coordinators are Fay and Qi.  They run the show.  Be nice to them.


10 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hello, I am wondering when you will do the draw to determine who will be awarded a garden plot. I have been on this list for several years. I certainly hope that I will get one but I understand that others are just as keen to garden as I am.

    I do not recall when you said we would be told who will be awarded a garden plot.

    Many thanks in advance. I hope I am not being a nuisance. I just really want to garden this year.

    Perhaps there is an individual who would like to share a plot whereby we could share the work. This seems like a good idea (all of a sudden) :))



    1. Hi Richard. Thanks for asking.

      The lottery will be closed as of May 1st, and the draw for new gardeners will happen shortly thereafter. So those selected should be hearing from the garden committee in early May.

      Best of luck.


  2. Nice website. Thank you all for your energy and hard work ‘growing’ our community and garden at Nanny Goat Hill!


  3. Hello, Thanks for your email. Please put me on the list for garden plot and for vonlontarring job. Many thanks in advance. A.Hammouda


  4. Hi there,

    I’m very interested in having a plot at the Nanny Goat Hill Garden. I live in Centretown and have been a passionate natural vegetable grower for a few years. How can I get my name in the lottery for the 2016 season?


  5. Hello. Did you do the draw already? I may be too late for this year. If so I am interested in learning more about how I could get involved in the Good Food market as a volunteer.


  6. Hi Natalie. You were unfortunately just a touch too late for the draw. It has just completed, and we will be reaching out shortly to those whose names were drawn.

    Be sure to enter the draw next year!

    And please email to express your interest in helping out at the Good Food Market. We don’t have any dates set for the next market, but they will be announced in the ‘Garden News’ section of the website when they happen.


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