IMPORTANT: Garden re-design consultation tomorrow!

The City of Ottawa is holding a consultation on the re-design of the garden on Sunday, Nov 19 from 2-4 pm at the Bronson Centre (211 Bronson Avenue). This is your opportunity to provide input on the improved garden (for example, the shape and placement of the raised beds; the height of the raised beds, which can be adjusted by burying some of them in the ground; what the accessible beds will look like). City officials will be there to answer your questions.

Please know that the garden steering committee has asked the City to replace all existing elements of the garden (notably, the same or greater plantable acreage and same or greater number of plots, maximize sunlight, easy water access, sheds, composters). We also asked for certain enhancements to be considered during the re-design, such as a large sheltered communal area, which we can use for resting, meetings, Good Food Market, etc.

The work to cap the soil and construct raised beds is expected to take place in the early spring, 2018.


Looking forward to the next chapter of the Nanny Goat Hill Community Garden!