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My name is Laura. I am a community gardener, probably your neighbour, and super pumped to be here.

Even my T-shirt is happy to be here
Even my T-shirt is happy to be here

And here is a little about me.

My husband, Ray, and I tried it last year. The garden. We scrounged seedlings and borrowed knowledge and made it happen. But there was no plan (too many seedlings, not enough knowledge).

Sooo in the end we had a whole lotta sluggy lettuce, a few pieces of kale and some never-blooming brussel sprouts. It looked pretty but we never really got much out of it except some valuable life lessons and an overwhelming sense of failure.

I dub thee
I dub thee “Failure 2014”

This time’s gonna be different.

My man has done his homework and come up with a foolproof plan to mould nature to our wills, make it grow, and then harvest it and eat it alive! Mwahaha!

Well, most of it anyway…

The Plan

Soon after starting our garden this year, I found out about this very Nanny Goat Hill website and was asked to contribute the best blog ever, so now my plan is to post once a week, adding photos and delightful commentary to prove that we did something. Because everyone wants to feel important.

More importantly though, I want to incorporate some history and background about the Nanny Goat Hill gardens, profile some of its marvellous gardeners, and check out the delicious Market – as well as whatever else strikes my fancy. It will be great.

Here’s the first photo of my garden plot.

Ray loves his Garden

Ray diligently tends to it every day while I stand around taking photos and cracking jokes.

We are the ultimate power couple.

Since that shot was taken, we’ve had some progress on the green bean front.

Grow my Pretties
Grow my Pretties

I cannot wait to watch these little cuties climb the contraption Ray has rigged up for them!

Check back next week for more fun stories and silly antics.

Until next time,

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Garden (Wo)Man