2015 Registration Meetings

For returning gardeners, if you plan to garden in 2015, you MUST ATTEND one of the registration meetings to PAY YOUR ANNUAL FEE.

SUNDAY, MARCH 29, 2:30-3:30 PM



The meetings will be held at THE BRONSON CENTRE, 211 Bronson Avenue (map)

  • Bring proof of your address (e.g., a piece of official mail)
  • Bring your fee (cash only please)
  • At the meeting, you will complete the registration form 

You must attend in person.  No one else can register for you.

The fee is $15 if you register at one of these two meetings.

The fee is $20 if you register after April 10.


  1. You cannot transfer your plot to someone else.
  2. Empty plots will be assigned in mid-May.
  3. There is no waiting list.  A lottery system is being put in place for empty plots that become available this season.

Questions?  Exceptional circumstances?

Contact Qi or Fay at nangoathillgarden@gmail.com or 613-241-4239


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